July 25th, 2022

10 governance patterns to crank up your community governance capabilities

Welcome back to our series about Moloch DAOs. In part 1, we asked What the Devil Are Moloch DAOs? We learned about the many attributes that make Moloch DAOs special, from their strong security to their ability to facilitate high quality coordination.

In part 2, we’ll further explore another of Moloch DAOs’ special properties: their flexibility and adaptability to a wide variety of community needs. We’ll cover ten governance patterns enabled by Moloch DAOs.

Along the way, we’ll build up the tools we need to create a better form of progressive decentralization that’s uniquely enabled by Moloch DAOs. Here’s a quick preview:

  • Start with a DAO with no funds and a few cofounders
  • Periodically give co-founders shares to reflect their contributions
  • Bring on additional contributors and periodically give them shares as well
  • Funds (e.g. from fundraising or revenue) go in a vault
  • Create a token and distribute an appropriate portion to the community by dropping it into the DAO treasury
June 23rd, 2022

Recently a fellow DAOhaus core member reached out to me. They had worked on a project to recognize others in the DAO and asked for help distributing it as a NFT. It was important to her that she would not be compensated for it and it would be a surprise.

From her DM to me:

“… like an unexpected package at your front door. I also want it to be a gift and a morale boost for Warcamp and DAOhaus users. Discussing it ahead of producing it would remove the gift aspect.

It’s a bootleg zine, like the 8.5 x 11 folded in half kind for bands, and the title is Bear Eat Moloch. There’s a few articles, one about DAOhaus Diaries, another is a kind of Declaration of War against our fear of the bear market, a third is a sentimental one about community and the last is DAOhaus origin story…”

May 19th, 2022

Thank You Supporters!

We are deeply grateful to have you as a part of the DAOhaus community - you showed your support and made this Community Contribution Opportunity (CCO) a smashing success. Thanks to you, we can build the Third Story of our Haus together.

If you contributed to the CCO and are looking for more detailed updates, please visit the channel cco3👅 in our Discord, which you can access via Collab.Land.

Hundreds of DAOs use the Moloch DAO framework today, to great effect. But if you’re not familiar with how Moloch DAOs actually work, you’re not alone.

Despite being one of the original DAO frameworks, I’ve noticed that a lot of people in the DAO and web3 space today aren’t aware of what’s possible with Moloch DAOs.

The truth is that Moloch DAOs are amazing tools for communities to level up their coordination. As a core contributor to DAOhaus – a platform to create and participate in purpose-driven community DAOs  – I have seen Moloch DAOs lift up community after community and individual after individual.

This article is my attempt to share that appreciation for Moloch DAOs with all of you – the DAO-curious, DAO contributors, operators, and leaders.

At ETHDenver, we unveiled a simple, modular, and customizable future for DAOhaus v3. Since then, we have been focusing our product roadmap towards realizing our vision - a future where any human community can achieve its collective purpose while reinforcing the full sovereignty of its individual members.

In this article, we share some updates on our v3 Roadmap and near-term milestones.

February 19th, 2022

In 2019, DAOhaus was born out of a community building coordination tools for themselves. Originally called Pokemol, it was a simple user interface to manage membership, voting and proposals for Moloch DAOs. As more communities were drawn to Moloch DAOs and required a no-code way to summon new DAOs, we built the original DAOhaus app.

As our community grew, and so did the need for more robust tooling and features for the many emerging DAOs. In fall 2020, we began work on DAOhaus v2, the version of DAOhaus you see and use today. With over 2,000 DAOs summoned across 5 networks and $416M of value flowing through them, DAOhaus v2 has become a robust platform, growing community, and vibrant economy.

Every day, more DAOs are summoned on DAOhaus. And every day, DAOs face new operational and coordination challenges. A human-friendly interface for the core DAO functions is no longer sufficient. DAOs require a selection of tools to address their specific needs.

February 11th, 2022

We envision a future where any community can achieve its goals while reinforcing the sovereignty of its members. We build technological and cultural tools empowering communities to coordinate.

We are rebels and visionaries. We rebel by building the future we envision. The rebellion is serious, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are comrades more than colleagues. We work with integrity, with people of integrity.

We build for the community, with the community. We build public goods, and empower anyone to contribute. Our way of building coordination tools for communities is with community-owned coordination tools.

We cultivate a culture of good faith governance. We embed our values in our technology. Society is unbundling and DAOs are here to pick up the pieces. We attack the hardest problems to make the largest, scalable, positive impact.