PublicHAUS Update May 2023

As we are coming to the end of our first action round here are some updates on this season's primary objectives.

FS01/O1: Improve Protocol Maintenance

This is the objective to improve processes, documentation and community involvement of the DAOhaus protocol.

Much of the conversation has gravitated to a few key points

  • First in class documentation around the utilities, sdk, contracts

  • Community first relationships with developers

  • Build cool shit but include processes to maintain and develop documentation

There has been a lot of great discussion. Read more in one of these threads

Request for community comments

Bootleggers proposal for a documentation overhaul

FS01/O2 Optimism HQ Move Logistics

The move to Optimism for our HQ is underway and planned for the end of this month. With the current gaspocalypse the move couldn’t happen soon enough. So far the HAUS token has been launched and a clone of PublicHAUS has been set up. Already, new proposals have been moved to the OP clone. Next steps is to bridge the HAUS stakes, eco funds and remaining HAUS supply.

Road map:

Next week

  • Proposal to bridge HAUS to new clone

  • Proposal to bridge eth from mainnet and gnosis ecosystem funds to OP

Last week of this month

  • Retro Rewards Session (On optimism)

Early next month

  • Optimism Open staking

  • Move all remaining HAUS to OP PublicHAUS control

Follow along here.

FS01/03 Expansion of DAOhaus through Grants - Awarding and Securing Funds

More discussion here

FS01/O4: Develop products that leverage our general purpose libraries and/or contract factories

Lots of fun experiments and new developments here check out the threads under the #projects channel for discussion around different initiatives.

LunarDAO launch - the lunar DAO (privacy focused anon investment DAO) initial launch went off without a hitch. About 50 initial members and $100k bootstrapped

CookieJar co funding - the Cookie Jar (DAO managed meber spending limits) project used DAOhaus tools to co fund over 5 eth from 4 different projects. (PublicNouns, MetaCartel, RaidGuild and DAOhaus Warcamp)

ERC6551 exploration and Rage report
New take on NFT DAOs

Arbitrum Invoke App

Create a summoning app that reduces resistance in deploying DAO contracts on the Arbitrum network. Make it fast for organizations to get started and easier to understand the basic configuration.

Arbitrum one click Squad Coins and Big Squad DAO

Probably the easiest way to deploy a meme coin DAO. An exploration into easy summoners and big squad mechanics.

Read more here and try it out.

Community Member Shout outs


Santiago - Has been hacking on amazing shamans and other contract extensions. He saw the need for a better testing and deployment framwork for the MolochV3 Baal contracts and built it. Checkout the latest PR on Baal, pull in abis, contract and test into your next solidity project.


rootdraws - Relationship building, OP defi explorations, rage reports, NFT LP DAOs, oh my.

jekl - After a hiatus the jekl is back! Ops master, privacy advocate and all around getter of shit done

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