PublicHAUS Community Update: Season 3 full sail

****** Demo Day and reto on Thursday ********

As we transition out of season 2 and we continue our journey, as intrepid explorers charting unknown terrain amidst the complexities of decentralized governance. Just like the "fog of war" in a RTS, we navigate these uncharted waters with a similar sense of anticipation. We have exposed the terrain behind us with new lessons learned and new experience gained along the way, but the route ahead is unexplored and shrouded in mystery. We now embark into season 3, full sail. Here is a quick recap of the game we play, our compass that leads us through the shrouded wilderness, known to us as the Flywheel of Governance (FOG).

FOG Summary:

FOG is a dynamic mechanism that enables us, the community of explorers (HAUS holders), to navigate the uncharted paths of decentralized governance. With FOG, we embark on a cycle of stake, signal, retro, and iterate, mirroring the exploratory spirit of our journey. Stake your HAUS tokens to participate in PublicHAUS then signal your preferences through Strategic Signaling Sessions (high level objectives and rewards). At the end of each season, we celebrate and reward contributors based on their valuable contributions. This iterative process empowers us to scout, map, and thrive in this unknown terrain of possibilities.

FOG represents our unwavering commitment to transparency, collaboration, and the continuous discovery of new possibilities. More of our initial setup from season 1 here

Celebrating Our Achievements

Review the objectives for season 2 here How did we do? (signal session next week)

We have come a long way in our core protocol and suite of tools. When first launched there were a lot of things we still needed to complete, there were small bugs and big gnarly ones. After this last season it is really starting to feel like it is manifesting into our original visions. Still a long way to go but it is awesome to see the advancements in these base tools for our continued exploration. If you haven’t stopped by lately it is worth checking it out again and if you are a developer there are more places than ever to get involved.

v3 demo:

It has been refreshing to see a community of builders independently engage and build off our tools. Using them for new groundbreaking discoveries, products, experiences and innovations. This permission-less and independent iteration has been invaluable for surfacing feedback, fixes and new features. It has been validating to see a community come together to sustain and build an open source framework owned by its users.

We have built many powerful alliances with fellow explorers, leveraging the open nature of our tools to explore new expeditions into uncharted terrain.Check out a diverse set of projects built on DAOhaus, working with Hats, 0xsplits, Connext, Cookies, Yeeters, Flooters, Silo, RaidGuild, Protocol Guild

more info on discord

Internal governance: New Experiments and Mechanics on the Horizon

Nothing is ever all right on the first try, so in the framing of continuous iteration, this new season we are introducing and experimenting with several new mechanics.

  1. Liquidity on OP: the former LP DAO has moved HAUS liquidity to Velodrome on Optimism

  2. Separation of Roles: Our most active members (Champions) have been given the sole responsibility of onchain execution (Shares). With less active community in the role of curation and signaling (Loot). A community member can at any time become a Champion through onchain proposal. Along with this we have also seen the need for several sub roles (DAO managed Hats or BaalCaps)

    1. Contract operators (manage onchain registries and factory upgrades)

    2. Rewards committee (surface and document seasonal contributions by members. (This is initially to inform the retro reward sessions held by the community and the members of this role have been selected through random sortition of champions)

  3. Community Veto: To keep Champions accountable, the community can veto any onchain proposal made through reaching some threshold of dissent.

  4. Staking rewards: (still in discussion) Champions and Community stakers will receive a seasonal compounding reward just for the act of staking in PublicHAUS.

see the spicy details on the forum

As always we could not have done this without the community. We appreciate the steadfast support and look forward to unearthing new opportunities and treasures in the seasons ahead. Together, we'll continue to cut new trails and expand our knowledge.

Would you like to get involved? Join us in our mission ro build open tools for the expansion of on chain governance and decentralized organizations. Participate in our signaling sessions around objective setting and rewards. And build baby build

Stake and Join here (opening next week)

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