DAOhaus Third Story CCO

Thank You Supporters!

We are deeply grateful to have you as a part of the DAOhaus community - you showed your support and made this Community Contribution Opportunity (CCO) a smashing success. Thanks to you, we can build the Third Story of our Haus together.

If you contributed to the CCO and are looking for more detailed updates, please visit the channel cco3👅 in our Discord, which you can access via Collab.Land.

What is DAOhaus

DAOhaus is a platform for purpose-driven communities to launch and manage Moloch DAOs. DAOhaus was summoned at ETHBerlin 2019 and manifested user-friendly interfaces for managing v1 Moloch DAO contracts. Today, DAOhaus uses the glorious open source contracts of Moloch v2.

In addition to providing a seamless interface for the core Moloch features (membership, governance, and treasury management), DAOhaus enables you to greatly enhance the functionality of your DAO with a myriad of plug and play Boosts from the Marketplace.

We are working actively on DAOhaus v3, focusing on composability and decentralization. This next generation upgrade lays the groundwork for a future where communities have the greatest freedom in choosing which tools are best suited to help them achieve their shared purpose.

Who is DAOhaus

DAOhaus is a community of web3 operators committed to building decentralized coordination tools for purpose-driven communities.

Warcamp is a core team of 33 contributors, all committed to building the DAOhaus product, community, and economy. Through steadfast commitment to the values of the DAOhaus Manifesto, Warcamp aims to provide purpose-driven DAOs with a secure and accessible platform for coordinating their community.

Reflecting on CCO3

During ETHDenver in February of 2022, DAOhaus set in motion its third CCO and raised 725 ETH from over 100 contributors across the ecosystem using the DAOhaus Yeeter!

While happy with the results of CCO3, we identified a number of areas that we could improve to increase awareness, access, and clarity for contributors who participate in future CCOs. This round, we ran a guerilla-style campaign where we talked to community members IRL at ETHDenver. Here’s what we learned from that:

  • Reach was limited to those on the ground participating at ETHDenver.
  • Several contributors did not have their hardware wallets with them at ETHDenver.
  • COVID prevented some of our contributors from being able to participate when they fell ill.
  • The CCO mechanic may have been too complex to easily understand.

We will take these lessons forward with us into the future! We are humbled by the turnout and grateful for the support we received from the community.

Opening our Haus to the Community

CCO3 provides the runway for DAOhaus to build a new era of DAO tooling on the platform.

DAOhaus v3 introduces our SDK and component library, doing more to support community developers looking to build on the DAOhaus platform. You can learn about v3 supporting devs and how DAOhaus is supporting a composable app design in our Roadmap Update.

UberHaus v1.5 goes live in the coming weeks. The new two-body governance system enables DAOs and individual HAUS holders to permissionlessly stake their HAUS into UberHaus for governance power or exercise their share of voice through Snapshot. All DAOs (including non-Moloch DAOs) are invited to participate in shaping the future of DAOhaus through UberHaus!

We will continue to open up new ways for the community to get involved in owning, governing, supporting, and building DAOhaus, so make sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter and Mirror.

Join our Band of Rebels

Come join us as we build toward an open and composable DAOhaus v3!

  • Track our progress or contribute to building v3, check out our Github mono repository.
  • If you are interested in BizDev, documentation, tokenomics, or web3 development say gm in our Discord - we’d love to get you involved!
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